Precautions for donating blood

The blood donor age between 17 years to 60 years.

Weight at least 45 kgs.

Pulse 80 to 100 beats/min and regular.

Temperature should not exceed 99.5 (37.5c).

Blood Pressure range between 160/90 to 110/60.

Skin: the venipuncture site should be free of any lesion or scar of needle pricks indicative of addiction to narcotics or frequent Blood donation (as in the case of professional Blood donors).

How to Prepare Yourself Before Donating Blood

Drink plenty of water the night and morning before you donate.
Eat breakfast to help keep your blood sugar up.
Do not take fatty foods for 24 hours before you donate.
Take iron content food for two weeks before your appointment like whole grains, eggs etc.
Ask for a blanket if your hands or feet start to feel cold. This is a sign that your blood pressure is dropping. A nice warm blanket might help you to relax.
Take a deep breath before the needle goes in or pinch yourself to create a distraction.
Have a snack after the donation.